Skipper Hall
James L. Smith

Bryan Hall died in 1989 at age ninety-two, leaving behind three generations of Methodists inspired by his humanitarian spirit. As a man who loved life and lived what he preached, he motivated others to do better in their own lives. Anyone who observed him “skipping” with enthusiasm from one project to the next could not help but be inspired by his cheerfulness and energy.

Skipper Hall's story, told in his own words in a book edited by James L. Smith, serves as a link to the days that families traveled in covered wagons and hobos rode the rails. His story also serves as a guide to understanding how all of us might use compassion and love to brighten the lives of others and make our world a little more humane.

3 Bryan Hall 1925
Bryan “Skipper” Hall, 1925
President of the Student Body at SMU

Bryan Hall ca 1972
Bryan “Skipper” Hall, 1972

Listen to Skipper on the links below.
(Recorded in 1980 when he was 83 years old.)

Remembering a Teacher from 1910
MP3 Audio (3:39)
PDF Transcription

The Historic Chapel at Sacramento, NM
MP3 Audio (1:33)
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The Nickname “Skipper”
MP3 Audio (1:10)
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The Methodist Doctrine
MP3 Audio (2:13)
PDF Transcription

Christianity as a World Faith
MP3 Audio (1:20)
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Singing a Few Songs
MP3 Audio #1 (0:14)
MP3 Audio #2 (0:18)
MP3 Audio #3 (0:17)
MP3 Audio #4 (0:30)
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"If you are interested in reading about someone who fought for his right to make up his own mind about religious dogma, you might read "Skipper Hall." The book details Skipper's dealings with fundamentalists in the Methodist Church in the 1930s, 1940s, and 1950s. Skipper chose to believe what he thought made sense, not what others in the Church hierarchy told him to believe. As a Methodist minister, Skipper had to walk a fine line between his beliefs and his religious training." – James Dennis, retired physics teacher
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