Someday ...

"Cynicism is a self-fulfilling prophesy. You have no chance if you assume you have no chance."

– Robert Reich

It should go without saying that the primary objective of any educational system is to put students first. It should also go without saying that the way to put students first is to provide them with good teachers. Good teaching is an essential element to helping students get a good education. Without good teaching, the quality of a child's education is a crapshoot.
And I’d like to point out that students are not served well by demoralized teachers.
Teaching in a public school is far more difficult, I am sure, than the average person outside the classroom understands. On a routine basis teachers are forced to endure pointless meetings, unnecessary administrative paperwork, piles of student papers to grade, overcrowded classrooms, underfunded mandates, unmotivated and unruly students, prescribed curriculum programs that don't work, and, of course, standardized testing followed by even more standardized testing.

The list goes on … and on.

How teachers find the time to teach or even prepare to teach, I don’t know. Sometimes all they can do is try to survive the day at school.

Then, when they leave school and go home, they are hit with an onslaught of news reports about failing schools and the need to “reform” education, which often means little more than giving teachers additional work that is too often designed to satisfy administrators and politicians, rather than the needs of students.

This all-too-common process of demoralizing teachers and cutting the heart out of the teaching profession has created a crisis in our public schools. The culture must change. We must develop a system for public education that does not demoralize teachers, a system that gives teachers time to teach and develop their craft, a system that treats them as professionals and pays them like professionals.
Someday we will have state and national governments that help nurture that system, and I believe that day will come soon. Someday …