A Beginner’s Guide to Classical Music

Masterworks of Classical Music
What pieces of music can introduce you to the world of classical music? What pieces have stood the test of time and are still worth listening to? This page provides a list of classical masterworks that will help anyone new to classical music appreciate different types of music from different historical eras.

The World's Best Orchestras
What is the greatest orchestra in the world? What is the best orchestra in the United States? This page provides a list of the world’s best orchestras and some notable American orchestras.

History's Greatest Conductors
Who are the world's great conductors? This page provides a list of history's greatest conductors selected from a poll of today's leading conductors. The list is not definitive, of course, but should serve as a starting point for those who are new to classical music.

Essential Musical Terms
What is the difference between a sonata and a concerto? What is a symphony? This page provides a few essential terms necessary for understanding and talking about classical music.

An Overview of Music History
How is the music from Bach’s time different from Beethoven’s? This page places the history of classical music into its traditional historical eras, providing a brief description of the characteristics of music created in each era and a list of significant composers.

Resources for Classical Tyros
What are the best resources for learning about classical music? This page provides a list of recommended websites, blogs, and books for people who want to learn more about classical music.